Welcome to my site.  I am sorry that I am not able to do any request at this time.  Fell free to use anything you like. I have added many new and exciting
things.  I have added a few new animations, a tutorial page and a few pages
with a few names.  Check it out there are some common names and a few 
uncomon names.  To make things easiers there a page with a list of names
If you see somthing you like feel free to copy it. .

The animations are not in any order so go to the animations and click on the 
animation you like.  The most importent thing is I would not have been able to do 
any of these thing with out the help of the newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.animated.gifs.  
So visit the site and get some ideas and post some animation of your own.   So visit 
the pages to see my work its not in any special order so you might have to visit all the 

Disclaimer not all of the artwork is mine most of the gifs have been taken off the net and are not mine. I do not have the talent yet to do some of these.  I will try
to give credit to where I have taken or whom I have taken the gif from.   If you see something  that I have animated and it is your let me know and I will reomove 
it orif you want give yo credit for it,